Tim – Drums & Harmonies


Drums and Vocals. I have played the drums for over 30 years, and drummed with a variety of bands, one originals band ‘The Snow Druids’ and a number of covers bands. There is nothing like playing live, the adrenaline rush is addictive.


I have had numerous kits over the years including Premier and Olympic. I currently have a gorgeous green Birch Stage Custom Yamaha Kit which gives lovely rich deep tones and great resonance. I also have a custom made Roland electric kit using a TD-6 brain, this is great for practice and I have gigged it on occasion. I dream of a TD-30KV kit which is good enough to gig and feels and sounds like a real acoustic kit. One day…!!!

I can sing and have done backing vocals with a few bands, I have a good ear for harmonies, but being a man, trying to drum and sing is a challenge, hence just chipping in on the backing vocals, does give the band some depth though.

I love dynamics in the band and playing numbers with ‘light and shade’ peaks my interest. I have an eclectic taste in music, classic to rock, and the music we play in Part of a Plan demonstrates a good cross of musical genres to try and keep most audiences happy.

My favourite muppet is Animal, of course, and I try to model myself on his musical talent!! Real drumming inspirations Buddy Rich, Chad Smith and Mel Gaynor, will never forget Mel drumming a solo on stage on his own in the middle of a Simple Minds gig back in the 80’s, phenomenal.